The Founders Scholarship was initiated by the RWS Board of Trustees in 2010 to provide this unique education to students in the Richmond community who might not otherwise be able to attend private school. The scholarship offers a tuition free placement for two students per 6th grade class. Recipients will retain their tuition free place through graduation from 8th grade. Founders Scholars are only asked to pay a nominal activity fee per year.

Founders Scholarship Candidates

The ideal candidate for a Founders Scholarship would demonstrate:

  • Solid academic skills
  • Strong social skills
  • An interest in the arts
  • An openness to new ideas and experiences

Candidate Families

Waldorf education can only achieve its fullest potential with the involvement of the student’s family. Families of Founders Scholarships candidates must:

  • Demonstrate an interest in participating in their child’s school life
  • Commit to attending Parent Evenings and Waldorf education events
  • Fall within 200% of the Federal poverty guidelines.

Application Process

Students and families wishing to apply for the RWS Founders Scholarship should take the following steps:

  • Attend an Observation Day.
  • Attend an Open House.
  • Complete all application forms including: Middle School Student Application, Teacher Recommendation Form, Transcript Release Form
  • Schedule an interview through the Enrollment Coordinator.
  • Schedule a 3 day in-class visit.
  • Submit financial forms to SSS for review.


Why Waldorf?

Richmond Waldorf School strives to help students develop those capacities which will enable them to realize their full potential.

  • Our rigorous academic program helps students develop clear, creative thinking.
  • Our supportive social environment builds students’ self awareness and their interest in others.
  • Our classes in the fine arts and practical arts teach students to express themselves and to deal with the world with confidence.

At Richmond Waldorf School we prepare students for a future that will need intelligent, compassionate, capable human beings.

Breadth & Depth

Our Middle School program helps students find their place in the world. Our broad academic curriculum includes

  • language & literature
  • algebra and geometry
  • history & geography
  • life sciences & physical sciences

Through an interdisciplinary approach that reveals the connections among subjects, students explore essential life questions that will help them develop the foundation for a life of meaning.