Darlene Ramsey


Darlene Ramsey Richmond Waldorf School

Darlene has lived in Richmond more than half her life, but still has strong ties to Utah, Austria, and Michigan, where she was happy to be before. She holds degrees in History and Social Work from VCU and was a German instructor at the two previous locations of RWS. She particularly enjoyed creating costumes for Waldorf school theatre productions.

Among her 9 children are 3 daughters who are Waldorf teachers or assistants, serving in Charlottesville, Baltimore, and here at RWS. Each is taking a break this year. Of her 24 grandchildren, one is a graduate of the Baltimore School, 7 others have attended various Waldorf schools, and 4 more have benefited from Waldorf homeschool curriculum.

Darlene has a strong family heritage in all kinds of handwork that was built upon during her years in Austria, where everything, even her children’s school work, was enhanced with tiny drawings, a bit of needle work, a touch of crochet, or the use of natural elements like straw, mushrooms, acorns, seeds, and twigs. Other interests include quilting, creating gardens, Scottish country dancing, and traveling.