Michelle Israel


Michelle Israel Spanish Teacher Richmond Waldorf School

Michelle was born and raised in Mexico City. Surrounded by art and a holistic environment, she gravitated toward the arts and acquired a degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Visual Arts. Having children inspired Michelle to start teaching and she has always found alternative ways to do so. She completed a certification as a yoga teacher in addition to a specialization in Kids Yoga. For over 10 years, Michelle has shared her talents passionately with students ranging from toddlers and pre-schoolers to middle-school kids. Her students learn Spanish not only through proper grammar rules, but by being immersed into the culture. She strives to engage her students in deeper learning through alternative methods such as art, food, mindfulness, and movement in order to make her classes rich in learning and creativity. 

Michelle enjoys her free time cooking, creating mandalas, hiking, practicing yoga, and spending time with her husband, two sons, and pets.