Waller Thompson

Sprouts Lead

Waller Thompson

Waller has been involved in Waldorf Education since the late 1990s, when she and a small group of parents began to build a Waldorf Initiative School from the ground up in Williamsburg, VA. She hosted a Parent-Toddler Program in her home off and on for several years until the group opened the doors to a Kindergarten program in 2001. Waller was the school’s Administrator, Sweet Peas (Parent-Toddler) Teacher, and served on the Board of Trustees. The school eventually folded after several years, but Waller continued her involvement in Waldorf Education at RWS as the Educational Support Therapist, Movement Teacher, and intermittently as the Sprouts (Parent-Toddler) Lead Teacher.

She completed the Remedial Education program through the Sunbridge Institute and the Association for a Healing Education in 2005. Waller has been involved in the fields of mental health and education since 1990. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Master of Education and Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology and a Doctorate in Counseling, all from the College of William and Mary.

Her Waldorf training awakened her to the importance of working with the whole person in facilitating growth and change, which led her to pursue other body-based modalities of healing. She is also a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and is completing her certification as a Pre- and Perinatal Educator. In addition to teaching parents and their young ones at RWS, she has a Somatic Therapy private practice, where she specializes in guiding people of all ages through trauma resolution and support for challenges in the stressors of everyday life.

She is most passionate about empowering new mothers and their young children during this special time in their lives. Waller is the proud mother of 2 children and resides in Richmond.