Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

Waldorf education was founded during a unique and critical time in history. In the aftermath of WWI, Rudolf Steiner created an education which honors the human spirit. During this equally unique and critical time in our history, we continue that work as we move beyond the classroom and develop a curriculum that stays true to our identity as a Waldorf school.

As we implement and adapt our curriculum, we hold these principals for our work with students, parents, and colleagues: 

  • Community – We value the strength of our community in its whole and in its constituent parts: the parents, the individual classes, the teachers, the students, the board, and the administration. 
  • Collaboration – Although farther apart in distance, we must work more collaboratively than ever. We appreciate the support of the parents as they move into a new role in their children’s education.
  • Consistency – We are creating a new rhythm to meet the children in this new situation. We continue to develop teaching that is developmentally appropriate, artistically engaging, and academically challenging.

Improved Distance Learning Guidelines & Expectations

We have been taking into account many suggestions and concerns about distance learning and reviewing our approach over the last couple of months. The Pedagogical Task Team created improved guidelines and expectations for delivering distance learning if we must use that method again. Please see below links to review these documents.


A Glimpse into Waldorf: Beyond the Classroom

RWS Beyond the Classroom video


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This week we received the kindest note from a new to RWS family. They said, "Waldorf has given us a sense of security which we’ve been without, for so long. Thank you for all you do to care for the children!"

You are so welcome. Thank YOU for trusting us to be a safe and happy place for your children to learn and grow this year.

Want to know more about Richmond Waldorf? Click the link in our bio for virtual tour information.

(Photo credit to @grahamcopeland who snapped this beautiful photo of a 1st grader being welcomed into our community during the traditional Rose Ceremony Waldorf schools around the globe hold each year. )

The air is crisp with the first taste of Autumn today, and our Early Childhood students are loving it! While our EC program already included a great deal of outside play time pre-COVID, we are now spending nearly the entire day learning and playing together outdoors. 📸: @grahamcopeland #richmondwaldorfschool #waldorfeducation #outdoorlearning #outdoorclassroom #getoutside #fall #outdoorplay #richmondva #rva ...

Happy Monday! With colored pencils at the ready, students listen closely to a lesson in one of our 7 outdoor classroom spaces.

The Waldorf philosophy puts a large emphasis on integrating note taking with thoughtful drawing in each student's personal portfolio. Through art, students gain a level of understanding and ownership of academic material that otherwise wouldn't be possible. #waldorfeducation #richmondwaldorfschool #waldorfart #waldorfoutdoor #outdoorclassroom #outdoorlearning #richmondva #rva

What are you up to this weekend? Wishing each of you a beautiful one, filled with sunshine and time spent in the great outdoors. See you next week, RWS! photo cred: @grahamcopeland #richmondwaldorf #waldorfeducation #beyondtheclassroom #outdoorlearning #outdoorclassroom #richmondva #rva ...

The first full week of the school year is behind us, and we have been reminded over and over by our amazing students that we CAN do hard things. This year will be unlike any other, but our community has risen to the challenge in countless ways, and will undoubtedly make this a year of beauty and growth for each and every one of our students.
Congratulations on a wonderful start to the school year, RWS!
📷: :@grahamcopeland

“The lifeline of Waldorf has been invaluable for our family. I feel that we get a good balance of Zoom time and self/parent-instruction time and am thrilled by how well our teachers have adapted…..I commend Mr. Trostli, Ms. Mac, Ms. Baranova, Mr. Thornton, and Ms. Walker for keeping the kids engaged, and for being a familiar, loving presence in our home.”

—RWS Parent