Beyond the Classroom

Waldorf education was founded during a unique and critical time in history. In the aftermath of WWI, Rudolf Steiner created an education which honors the human spirit. The impacts of COVID-19 have been felt across the globe. During this unique and critical time in our history, we continue that work to adapt and provide a safe and quality curriculum that stays true to our identity as a Waldorf school.

RWS is currently offering on-campus instruction. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic affected all schools in the Spring of 2020, we began our Distance Learning program, taking Waldorf education beyond the classrom. We implemented and adapted our curriculum, holding these principals for our work with students, parents, and colleagues: 

  • Community – We value the strength of our community in its whole and in its constituent parts: the parents, the individual classes, the teachers, the students, the board, and the administration. 
  • Collaboration – Although farther apart in distance, we must work more collaboratively than ever. We appreciate the support of the parents as they move into a new role in their children’s education.
  • Consistency – We are creating a new rhythm to meet the children in this new situation. We continue to develop teaching that is developmentally appropriate, artistically engaging, and academically challenging.

Improved Distance Learning Guidelines & Expectations

We have taken into account many suggestions and concerns about distance learning and reviewed our approach over the spring and summer. For the 2020-2021 school year, enrolled families may opt for “At Home Learning”, so  that their child receives a Waldorf education while learning remotely. The RWS Pedagogical Task Team created guidelines and expectations for delivering distance learning, should we need to use that method again. Please see below links to review these documents.


A Glimpse into Waldorf: Beyond the Classroom

RWS Beyond the Classroom video


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Another gorgeous chalkboard drawing spotted in our 2nd grade classroom! Ms. Amey created this beautiful number wheel for her students to use as a tool to learn and practice multiplication, while engaging in the joy and beauty of math. ✨ ...

The season of class plays has officially begun- Bravo to our 7th Graders on their wonderful performance of The Wizard of Oz! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ...

Our 6th graders have begun their Business Math block, and their teacher, Ms. Hayward, wanted to emphasize the human element of money through this beautiful chalkboard drawing that will be prominently displayed in the classroom during their study.

The class discussed how money is just a symbol for an agreement between people, and that without the social agreement, money would be worthless. #waldorfchalkboard #waldorfchalkdrawing #waldorfeducation #6thgrade

Mrs. Amey leads the way as our 3rd graders head out for a midday bike around the neighborhood! ☀️ 🚲 #northsiderva #kidsonbikes #bikelife #waldorfeducation #rva ...

“The lifeline of Waldorf has been invaluable for our family. I feel that we get a good balance of Zoom time and self/parent-instruction time and am thrilled by how well our teachers have adapted…..I commend Mr. Trostli, Ms. Mac, Ms. Baranova, Mr. Thornton, and Ms. Walker for keeping the kids engaged, and for being a familiar, loving presence in our home.”

—RWS Parent