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Profile of a Waldorf Alumni

From the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America:

How successful are Waldorf school graduates in higher education and beyond? A Research Bulletin entitled Standing Out Without Standing Alone: Profile of Waldorf School Graduates encapsulates the results of the comprehensive Survey of Waldorf Graduates, Phase II.  

The survey describes what Waldorf school graduates most love to study, which professions they select, what they think of their Waldorf education, and what they value as adults.

The survey suggests that a majority of Waldorf school graduates share the following characteristics:

  • They value the opportunity to think for themselves and to translate their new ideas into practice.
  • They practice life-long learning and have a highly developed sense for aesthetics.
  • They value lasting human relationships.
  • They seek out opportunities to be of help to other people.
  • They sense that they are guided by an inner moral compass that helps them navigate the trials and challenges of their professional and private lives.
  • They carry high ethical principles into their chosen professions.

If you know a Waldorf graduate, chances are you’ve noticed these characteristics!

Professors who have taught Waldorf students across many academic disciplines and across a wide range of campuses—from State Universities to Ivy League—note that Waldorf graduates have the ability to integrate thinking; to assimilate information as opposed to memorizing isolated facts; to be flexible, creative and willing to take intellectual risks; and are leaders with high ethical and moral standards who take initiative and are passionate to reach their goals.  Waldorf graduates are highly sought after in higher education.

Biggest thing I learned at Waldorf is mindset. Having the mindset of being flexible, and being open to new challenges and being able to take a deep breath and say ok I’m finally going to take this class I’ve wanted to take. Being able to not think of challenges as something really scary, but as an opportunity. Optimism and enjoying a challenge is a thing I think Waldorf students gain. 

—Emma White, RWS Class of 2009

Richmond Waldorf School Graduates

Richmond Waldorf School graduated our first 8th grade class in 2009. During middle school years, Waldorf students and parents work with their Class Teacher and our High School Transition Coordinator to prepare for the application process and transition to high school. 

We lay the landscape for private, public, specialty high schools in Richmond City, Henrico County, Chesterfield County and beyond. We advise our students where and how to apply for schools that will challenge and support each individual. We are proud that  the vast majority of our graduates are accepted to their first or second choice high school and pursue higher education after graduation. RWS graduates are found to be curious, responsible, motivated, resourceful, and creative students who know themselves and care deeply about the world around them. 

RWS High School Transition Coordinator adds that high schools note how “unique their curiosity is, that they are driven by a desire to understand the course material. They ask great questions!”

I believe my unique education background with RWS had led to a unique present life for me, one I’m very grateful for.

—James Zogran-Werness, RWS Graduate

RWS 8th graders have been accepted to the following schools from 2014 through 2020: 
Public/Specialty High Schools:
  • Maggie Walker Regional Governor’s School
  • Appomattox Regional Governor’s School
  • CodeRVA
  • Richmond Community High School
  • Open High School
  • Henrico Center for the Arts
  • Thomas Jefferson High School IB Program 
  • Hermitage High School for the Humanities 
  • New Community School
Private High Schools:
  • The Steward School
  • Trinity Episcopal School 
  • Blue Ridge School
  • St. Gertrude High School 
  • Richmond Christian Academy
  • St. Christopher’s School
  • St. Catherine’s School
  • Chatham Hall 

Graduate Resources:

Waldorf Alum Connect: If you’ve ever attended a Waldorf/Steiner school, whether grade school or all the way through high school, check out Waldorf Alum Connect – a new community platform for Waldorf alums from across the continent and around the world!

Connect with schoolmates, check out job opportunities, find mentors, build the greater Waldorf community web.

I think Waldorf really helped me with outside-the-box thinking and creativity, as well as leadership skills and being able to communicate with a wide variety of people.

—Mason Hopkins, RWS Class of 2012

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