The Board of Trustees has legal and fiduciary responsibility for the school. It sets policies for and oversees tuition, the operating budget, fundraising, financial aid and scholarships, school contracts, insurance, and the school facilities. The Board has ultimate responsibility for the financial state of Richmond Waldorf School.

Kim Washburn, Chair
Allison Thurber, Vice Chair
Polly Cordle, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair
Seth Horton, Secretary, Board Recruitment & Development Chair
Vyana Lafland,
Advancement Chair
Terry Wyllie, Buildings and Grounds Committee Chair
Randy Evans

John Moses
Katie Adams Parrish

Ex-Officio Members
Nancy Cross, Interim Director of Administration
Letitia Amey, College Chair
Irina Baranova,
Community Relations Coordinator
Lindsey Kirchmier,
PA Co-Moderator
Derek Redwine,
PA Co- Moderator

Richmond Waldorf School