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Fundraising thru the PA

The PA organizes several free fundraising opportunities throughout the year. You can read more about them at

From Kroger Rewards, Amazon Smile, SCRIP gift cards, and more – you can help us earn dollars that benefit RWS’ programs at no extra cost to you! Hope you will take a moment to participate!

What is the Parents Association?

To infuse our school community with vitality through social gatherings, education, special events and fundraising that supports the vision of the Richmond Waldorf School to enrich the lives of our children and ourselves.
The PA serves as a strong voice for the parent community and works in partnership with the Board of Trustees, Faculty, and Administration.
The Parents Association is the community building organization of the Richmond Waldorf School. The PA serves as the vehicle for full parental, guardian, and family involvement in the life of the school community. The PA actively supports the work of the BOT, College, and faculty on behalf of our children and contributes to the intellectual, physical, and social climate of the school community. To that end, the PA will:

  • Invigorate and organize volunteer efforts by parents in such a way that nourishes, respects, and supports the volunteers.
  • Provide educational opportunities for parents that deepen understanding and appreciation for Waldorf Education, and strengthens our community and culture.
  • Provide a forum for parents to communicate and discuss issues and ideas.
  • Support endeavors of the school.
  • Use Special Funds for improvements that directly support Richmond Waldorf School, to include (but not limited to): physical improvements to the buildings and grounds, equipment, support for diversity, inclusion, and equity, community education, and grants for initiatives that have been generated by the PA that are in alignment with needs of the school.

Read the PA Bylaws (Revised May 2021) HERE

PA Leadership Team

2021/2022 Parents Association Leadership:

To reach a member of the PA Leadership please email

Marianne Kelliher (Interim Moderator)
Erica Childress (Secretary/Historian)
Michele Burt (Treasurer)

We invite all to come to our scheduled monthly meetings held on Tuesdays from 6-7:30 pm. We will try to meet in person as much as we can, however, in the case of virtual meetings the zoom link will be in the Messenger.

September 7th
October 5th
November 9th
December 7th
January 4th
February 8th
March 2nd (Please note that this a Wednesday)
April 5th
May 10th
June 2nd (Please note that this a Wednesday)


Many hands make light work! We hope every RWS family will give their time and/or talents to help supporting RWS. There are many ways to get involved!

To review the 21-22 Parent Volunteer Interest Form and indicate your interests, please GO HERE

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