Building a Greener Future

Building a Greener Future

“We believe that schools should awaken social responsibility, service to community, and stewardship of the earth.”

Now that we have settled in, our most urgent order of business is to replace the roof. This will provide a safe and reliable roof for the school, and is the perfect opportunity to generate clean energy to power the school and significantly reduce our carbon footprint. This task is critical and we completed Phase 1 in Summer 2019. Phase 2 is now underway as of April 2020! 

Phase I: Roof Replacement

We replaced our five failing roofs starting in the summer of 2019. In tandem with this initiative, we will create experiential learning opportunities to teach our students about sustainability, energy cost reduction, and renewable energy generation.

  • Part 1 – Summer 2019
  • Part 2 – Began April 2020

Cost: $455,000

Phase I Total

Phase II: Solar Panels & Natural Light Tubes

Energy savings and increased natural lighting will benefit the school for years to come. These environmentally conscious initiatives will position RWS as a leader in environmental stewardship, bring innovation and new energy to our community, and widen awareness around sustainability.

Cost: $242,000

Phase III & Beyond

  • ADA Compliance/Restroom Improvements
  • Flooring in Library & Offices
  • Garden-to-Table Program/Kitchen Updates
  • Grounds Drainage Improvements
  • Gym Floor Replacement
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • Landscaping Improvements
  • Living Wall & Entryway Courtyard
  • Security Improvements
  • Window Replacement
  • Woodworking Room Doors

Cost Estimate: $513,000

By moving forward with an environmentally conscious roofing system that includes LEED certification, solar panels, and maximizes natural lighting, we not only improve the environment in and around our school, but we will stand as a model of environmental stewardship for our students and the greater community. We can’t do it without you. Thank you for your continued support in these initiatives!

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