“We believe that a strong school relies on initiative and commitment from all members of the community.” 

Richmond Waldorf School depends on the initiative and commitment of our parent community to help us achieve our mission. We aspire to be a community that embraces a culture of service. This service goes beyond our own children’s classes, extending to the school as a whole and to the greater Richmond community.

Working together for the betterment of our school strengthens our community, and when we volunteer and serve, we model important values for our children. While we do not require parents to perform community service, we recognize that “many hands make light work,” and if every family does its part, then the school will grow and thrive. We hope that each family will contribute approximately eight hours of community service each year.  

To view our current volunteer opportunities, visit our calendar here.



Tell us what interests you!

Please review the community service opportunities listed below and mark all the activities you would be interested in supporting this year. We will contact you to provide details and to confirm your participation.

Descriptions of Opportunities

    • All School Work Days (July/Aug.) (1–6+ hrs.)Auction Shifts (March) (1–3 hrs.)Bike Day (3–4 hrs.)Class Activities/Trips (2–10 hrs.)Class Care (laundry, flowers, etc.) (2–6 hrs.)Community Outreach through non-RWS events (1–6 hrs. per year)Craft Nights (2–3 hrs.)Free Fundraising Awareness & Enrollment (3–4 hrs.)Holiday Gift Card Coordinator (3–4 hrs.)May Faire Shifts (May) (1–3 hrs.)Open House Host (Oct/Jan) (2–6 hrs.)School Photos (2–3 hrs.)Teacher Appreciation Week (May) (1–5 hrs.)Waldorf Talent Show (May) (3 hrs.)

      Auction Committee (8–10+ hrs.)Family Care for Families in need (2–8 hrs.)May Faire Steering Committee (6 hrs.)Spirit Nights (1–2 hrs., 2–4x per year)

      Advancement Committee (Marketing, Development, Enrollment) (2–4 hrs. per month)Buildings & Grounds Committee (20+ hrs. per year)Finance Committee (20+ hrs. per year)Parents Association Class Rep (2–4 hrs. per month)

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