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Why Waldorf Works

Richmond Waldorf School strives to help students develop those capacities which will enable them to realize their full potential.

  • Our rigorous academic program helps students develop clear, creative thinking.
  • Our supportive social environment builds students’ self awareness and their interest in others.
  • Our classes in the fine arts and practical arts teach students to express themselves and to deal with the world with confidence.

At Richmond Waldorf School we prepare students for a future that will need intelligent, compassionate, capable human beings.

Breadth & Depth

Our Middle School program helps students find their place in the world. Our broad academic curriculum includes

  • language & literature
  • algebra and geometry
  • history & geography
  • life sciences & physical sciences

Through an interdisciplinary approach that reveals the connections among subjects, students explore essential life questions that will help them develop the foundation for a life of meaning.

Richmond Waldorf School