How Teacher Looping Eases Learning Disruption



New studies show that a teacher educating the same group of students in multiple subjects over multiple years (looping) has lasting benefits. Students who stay with the same teacher see both academic improvement as well as reductions in absences and behavioral issues. Teaching a child for multiple years allows teachers to better understand each student’s learning style, to work with families to help support students, and to challenge them to do their best work. That’s why in Waldorf education, teachers stay with their class for multiple years, building a safe and supportive learning environment and strong relationships. This multi-year student-teacher relationship helps each student to unfold their unique potential.

At Richmond Waldorf School, there is always a new 1st grade teacher. Why? Because the Class Teacher loops with their class for many years, often all the way from 1st through 8th grade. The relationship between teachers and their students and parents are essential to fully engage our students in their learning. We get to know how our students learn, understand their strengths and challenges, and model how to navigate long-term relationships. 

To read more about how teacher looping points to greater learning in the classroom, check out this article from

Two studies point to the power of teacher-student relationships to boost learning

At Richmond Waldorf School, we recognize that our student’s physical, social and emotional well-being are a key part of their ability to learn and thrive. Our holistic approach to education prioritizes critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century.

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