Noelle Mckown

4th Grade


Noelle began her teaching career in 2000, though she began her career as an accessory designer in New York City after graduating magna cum laude from VCU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. She transitioned into teaching by becoming an adjunct instructor at the VCU Department of Fashion Design & Merchandising. During this time she also completed a six-month apprenticeship at an organic farm, received a Master Class in Cooking Certificate from The New School (NY), and owned her own accessory design business. After the birth of her son, she was drawn to the creative freedom of Waldorf Education and completed her Waldorf Teacher’s Certificate from Antioch University in 2014. She has been working happily
as a Handwork Teacher and Grades Teacher since 2011.

When she is not working with children, Noelle keeps busy drawing, painting, playing with textile designs, and sewing. She is a maker and creativity is her core.

“My goal as a teacher is to teach out of love, to individually approach each child’s needs and create an atmosphere for joyful learning, self-discovery, compassion, deep love and respect for themselves, others and our environment.”