Sue Edwards

Oak Class Assistant


Sue has been an assistant teacher in Early Childhood since 2017. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science from the Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Science in Geology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Her previous work centered on educating residents in environmentally friendly methods of horticulture, protecting water quality, and conserving natural resources.

After becoming a mother, her heart turned toward child development and her educational focus switched to a younger audience, feeling called to support young children on their paths of self-discovery. As a lifelong learner, she continues to develop her understanding of Waldorf philosophies through small groups and self-studies.

She loves exploring the outdoors with her family, hiking, and fossil hunting. She is an avid gardener and loves to share with others the importance of pollinators. She enjoys creating through woodworking, painting, and other art forms.

“It is a privilege to bear witness to a child’s discovery, whether it be finding a caterpillar in the garden or accomplishing a new skill.”